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Volcanic Wine Park on Horseback

Following the “ippostrade wine road”, those path are studied to discover the beauties of this territory riding a horse with stops on landscape points, wineries, olive mills and diaries.

Dairyman for a day

We will visit a diary during the cheese production. At the end a cheese and wine tasting will complete the experience

Palladian routes

A whole day discovering the Palladian villas in the Colli Berici with an expert tour guide. Lunch in a traditional or Michelin-starred restaurant

Ancient fossils, authentic flavours (2 days)

From Bolca to Zovencedo, on this tour you’ll discover the wonders hidden in stone, finishing off with a visit to a winery or oil mill.

Towns and castle (2 days)

Medieval castles and ancient churches dot the hills of the VWP. Discover them on this 2-day tour through culture and flavour.

Castello Soave

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