Tour by car o bicycle

Starting form Lonigo, Villa Pisani, headquarter of Colli Berici Consorzio, a tour among wineries and palladina villas to discover the Colli Berici DOC. The length is 75 km for a day-time by bicycle, or half a day by car, with the stops.

Some suggestions

Cultural places:

  • Villa Pisani-Bonetti Bagnolo di Lonigo
  • Villa Pojana a Pojana Magggiore
  • Villa Saraceno a Finale di Agugliaro
  • Villa Trissino a Lonigo

Winery / olive oil mills / Dairy:

  • Ca’ Rovere azienda agricola
  • Cantina dei Colli Berici
  • Frantoio olive Barbarano
  • Caseificio sociale Ponte di Barbarano
  • Salumifico Az. Agricola Signorato


  • Corte Quadri
  • La Peca ( 2 stelle Michelin)



Tour by car o bicycle

A volcanic terroirm made of hills and black soils where viticolture exists since hundreds years. In this area the wineries have started a sustainable and ecological path, and Gambellara has become one of the “green” wine region of Italy. The length is 70 km for a day-time by bicycle, or half a day by car, with the stops.

Some suggestions

Cultural places

  • Castello dei Maltraversi
  • Gambellara Column Basaly
  • Gambellara wine Museum

Winery / olive oil mills / Dairy

  • Azienda agricola Menti
  • Casa Cecchin
  • Azienda Agricola Tonello
  • Azienda agricola Vignato Davide
  • Azienda Agricola Dal Maso


  • La Fracanzana
  • La Marescialla


Difficulty: itinerary with medium difference in height especially on asphalt roads, dirty roads and signaled paths between pastures and woods. Possibility of a wine and cheese tasting at Malga Lobbia

Practicability: on foot, adapt for family too 

Length: 6,4 km
Time: 2:30 ore
Difference in height: 250m
Itinerary Stops: departure from Campofontana (1220m) – Pagani (1260m) – Madonna della Lobbia (1290m) – Ingresso Malga Lobbia (1315m) – Madonna delle Scalette (1510m) – Malga Porto di Sopra (1520m) – Malga Porto di Sotto (1330m) – Campofontana (1220m).

In partnership with Alta Lessinia