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Throughout the year, Volcanic Wine Park organizes events related
to food and wine products.
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the most important and book your stay.

Together with our partners Veronautoctona and Vicenzautoctona, special events are organized, to learn more about the history, traditions and food and wine products. Events can be booked on request at, subject to availability.

During the most important events costumed characters will bring the local history back to life with its secret anecdotes and legends.

Through clues disseminated during the dinner, diners will have to discover the killer and solve the mistery.

Attraverso la tecnica del Nordic Walking, alla scoperta dei posti più belli nelle colline del Volcanic Wine Park.

In the heart of Soave there’s an enchanted garden where you can discover the healing and food plants of the Middle Ages. During the year, workshops, concerts and other activities.

Discovering the local beauties, THE “around the corner” that you don’t know.